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We will introduce you to various products such as accessories made in SHES' LINE.


Handmade Hair Accessories

We produce handmade hair accessory and beauty
accessories&toolsby using eco-friendly celluose material
that contains wood and beads with various shapes and colors.

We produce differentiated products
with advanced techniques and technologies such as finishing,
which was developed by She's Line and finishing
by melting welding method using ultrasonic wave.
We are leading the hair accessory industry with high quality
and trendy design.



Hair Accessories

She's Line self designs, manufactures and produces
from daily hair accessories to point hair accessories.

We are leading the hair accessory sector with design
that unite all styles.



Hair Brush&Tool

She's Line hair brush and tool products boast excellent
quality and outstanding performance.
All parts are manufactured through delicate inspection of
the pre-manufacturing process.

We produce and distribute all products related to
hair such as wood brush, plastic brush&comb,
mini brush and hairl rolls.



Cosmetic Tool

We research, develop and design for effective and
convenient make-up tools.
We specialize in producing and distributing all kinds of
high quality make-up tools
such as make-up brush, make-up applicator and
make-up puff(NBR, SBR, NR, hydrophilic non-latex puff, etc.).




We pursue high quality one by one from metal plate to
small parts. We produce metal products that combine safety,
practicality and design with continuous mold investment
and development.
Products made out of carbon steel and high quality
stainless steel of Q235 with high carbon content as
the main material, has high durability and good cutting force,
so it can be used for a long time.



Bath Tool

She's Line has varieties of bath products including
shower towels, loofahs, gloves, body brushes made out of
variety of materials, size and designs that provide satisfaction
to consumers with its high quality.



Etc Tool

We produce all categories of products together.
We provide consumers with various categories of products
such as daily and travel products.
You can check out the ideas and products that match
your needs.




We produce and design various fabric products such as
socks, leggings, pouches and masks.
She's Line produces products with its own designs
and developments with variety of fabrics that focus on
fashion trends every season.
You can meet trendy fabric products that are avalaible
newly at every season.



Cotton Tool

We are handling cotton pads and cotton swabs
that are made with 100% cotton.
We have wide range of cotton pads and cotton swabs ranging
from basic products to customized applications.
We are developing and distributing various products
that are good for beauty care and quickly adapted to
the latest beauty care.



Eye Tool

She's Line only produce and distribute products
that meet the test criteria set by the nation.
We deal with double eyelid tapes and double eyelid glues
which are useful for making clear double eyelids.

We also produce trendy fake eyelashes for both types:
transparent line Knotthing type and signature black lined
mellow type eyelashes.
You can express according to the eye make-up desired
with wide range of eyelashes from natural to volume.




We present you our SB skin lotion series (500ml) from Japan.
Collagen and coenzyme Q10 that makes the skin moist and
elastic. Hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 that makes
the skin glossy and elastic.