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Philosophy and values of She's Line brand.


About Us

Korea She's Line is a professional company that develops,

manufactures and distributes a variety of beauty accessories&tools under the motto "beauty from head to toe" since it was founded in 1989.
She's Line's products are distributed in major domestic/global on and offline channels including H&B stores, convenient stores, discounted marts,
department stores, stationeries, pharmacies and brand shops.
We have developed logistics system that can manage sales force, loading, delivery and sales through management know-how for many years and
became a distributor specialized in the industry.
In order to meet various consumer needs, we are actively developing overseas and domestic items. In addition, we promise to deliver
the products customers want and need to be found near you with continuous R&D effort.

Brand Identity


We are creating She's Line's unique design and
culture with the artists' creativity and sensibility.



Innovative inventions that will surprise
and admired by everyone.
She's Line always pursues challenges for new creativity.



She's Line is still pioneering all over the world
so that everyone would have the chance
to experience She's Line.


Brand Philosophy

With the question to find natural beauty with easy and friendly product, She's Line brand was born.

She's Line is a friend to all women who dream of beauty. As a beauty mate, She's Line aims to help all to express and experience beauty
more comfortably. We hope to provide the beauty experience at the nearest place so that more people can be reached.


  • 1995-1996Awarded ‘Excellent Business Partner’ by Conglomerate
    Distribution Channel Association(LG Distribution)
  • 2004Awarded ‘CEO of Songpa-Gu’ by Songpa-Gu borough office
  • 2005Received ‘Leading CEO Award’ from Ministry of Commerce,
    Industry and Energy Korea
  • 2006Received Award from the Mayor of Seoul City
  • 2009Awarded ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement
    in Trade’ by US Dep. Of Commerce
  • 2010Received Award for achieving management innovation
    by the Small & Medium Business Admin.
  • 2014Received ‘Certificate of Recognition to dedicate
    well-paying tax’ by Mayor of Seoul City
  • 2015Received ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding
    Business Partner’
  • 2016Awarded ‘Certificate of Recognition for Environment
    Conservation’ by Ministry of Environment
  • 2017Received ‘Certificate of Hi-Seoul Brand’ by Seoul City & SBA