she's line

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Find out She's Line's CI that pursues beauty from head to toe.


Pursue beauty from head to toe.

Since its establishment in September 1989, we have developed over 400 items of beauty products&tools,
including hair products and built up our position as a professional cosmetics company.
We have developed as a specialized distributor of beauty accessories&tool by introducing logistics
system that manages storehouse, shipping and sales accumulated through management of
convenience store and discount store for many years.

Logotype Configuration

The symbol mark, a representative visual expression
symbolizing She's Line, is used as an essential basic
lement of Corporate Identification Standards.

Symbol mark

The charming story of beautiful women is depicted
using bright and cheerful shapes and colors.
Each of the eight figures is made up of She's Line
products and those shapes and colors represent
She's Line product lines. Different shapes symbolize
the hope of dreaming of women's various personality
and beauty. The overall shape of the form is a crown
shape for a beautiful woman.

Color System

The main color She's Line Pink symbolizes the beauty
and freshness of young, The Sub Color She's Line
Blue symbolizes the rationality and expertise of
She's Line.